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I can't believe it, they're actually getting married!


Greetings friends! As some of you may know Phil and Rhiannon have decided to to get married!

This website is to share information to all those who have an interest in our wedding, which won't be an event, but actually three related events! (Four if you include our honeymoon)

To keep things neat and tidy (and private) we have added a members area and put the event details behind that. This means that you'll be asked to sign up, but you'll also be able to confirm attendance for each each event you're invited to. You'll also be able to chat to us and other guests so that by the time of the wedding we'll all be one big family!

One thing to note is that we've got a wedding in France, and a later party in the UK. To make any travel and stay easier we've put together a list of places to eat and stay nearby.

So - we invite you to look around, sign up, and join us on this very special occasion.

Rhiannon & Phil

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